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West Coast British

190 Airway Blvd, Livermore, CA. 94551. USA



For Immediate Release

“West Coast British announces Project Defender”

March 1st, 2012

 Livermore, California; Since 1981 West Coast British has been giving old LAND-ROVER’s a new lease on life, restoring everything from an award winning 1953 80”, through numerous 88” and 109”, the famous 1966 88” Station Wagon of none other than the 14th Dalai Lama, to our most recently completed projects;  a 1966 NADA 109" Wagon and a '65 88" Hardtop in 2011.

 Not so long ago the 1953 80” was loaned to LRNA for display purposes, during the weekend numerous LRNA staff told WCB, “You build better Land Rovers than we do!” 

Announced in Oct of 2009; West Coast British is pleased to announce its Defender Project. “It has now been nearly 20-years since Land Rover North America imported the first Defenders to the USA. As a model highly sought after and one we’ll never see in North America again,  it’s quite amazing what a good Defender will fetch on eBay even today, sometimes twice of its original sticker price! These are few and far between however, and it is the other end of the scale, those that have been neglected and abused that we’re concerned with. It's now time we start restoring some of these vehicles.” said Michael Green, owner of West Coast British.

 “When LRNA imported the first Defender 110s and later the 90s they made a few mistakes; 1) They limited the numbers imported, 2) They were all under powered! 3) Handling was suspect on the 110 Wagon, and 4) Fuel mileage miserable!  Our aim during the restoration and recreation project is to address these issues. We've spent some years of R&D time on modifying these key faults on both 110 and 90 versions, and have come up with a killer result, something LRUK nor LRNA would address".

The down side, to some degree, is being filled by those importing, sometimes illegally, Defender's from Europe. We know US Customs has been investigating this issue at times, and if you're considering one of these vehicles beware.” 

“Our aim is to begin restoring 1993-1997 Defender’s, thus giving them a new lease on life. Unlike others, we at West Coast British don’t just bolt on new bits and spray on a coat of paint. Our Project Defender’s will undergo the same extensive overhaul that the Dalai Lama 88” and others received. A complete stripping down to every last nut & bolt, the chassis and drive train will be shot blasted and powered-coated gloss black, all hardware will be re-cad plated, useable bodywork will be stripped to bare bones and either painted or powder coated. A WCBR-Rover 4.6L V8 (or bigger) will replace the 3.9L. These will not be stock NAS Defender’s, but specially built WCBR-Defender’s.”

 Green continues… “We will be building Defender’s so mouth watering that Land Rover Limited will be wishing they had come up with the idea! My father, Richard Green, who passed away in December 2008 at age-90, built the original V8 prototype in 1966 on an 88” chassis here in California, its Golden Rod yellow paint being its codename. We plan to offer a Golden Rod III version on a D90 Wagon, along with The American Racer, and The Red Rocket, and The Euro, to mention a few.”

 “For the price of a new LR3 in America you too can have your Defender 90 totally restored and modified…making it unlike anyone else’ on the planet. The best part is  your Land Rover won’t be worth half of what you paid for it 2 or 3 years down the road, but will increase in value!” said Green.          

 “This isn’t something we have been just toying with, we’ve been building and testing parts and modifications for some time for this project. The 4.7L V8 we built for example, we have tested many miles over all sorts of conditions and terrain, and I must say the power increase, the delivery and tractability of this engine is absolutely fantastic! It’s a shame the Defender didn’t come with one.”


Customers can bring in their Defender for a free inspection.

A detailed written report is $125.00  

Customers can pick the theme they like best.  WCB set specifications.

Certain options are available. 

If you don’t have a Defender to restore, West Coast British can most likely find a good restoration candidate for you at a reasonable cost.

Average time frame is 6-8 months for a Defender-90.

Fitting Land Rover TDI into a NAS Defender is illegal under Federal Law, hence we will not undertake such conversions.


Engine: WCBR-Rover 4.6L V8

Exhaust: Tuned headers w/twin high-flow cats.

Intake: Lucas EFI.

Gearbox: 5 speed R380 –in most cases; 1993-1995

Gearbox: ZF Auto in 1997.

Transfer: Gear drive Land Rover

Final Drive: 3.54:1 ratio –options available.

Road Springs: Old Man Emu

Shocks: Old Man Emu –Bilstein optional; 4 rear shocks on D110.

Sway Bars:  2 –this includes D110



ARB Winch Bumper –color matching additional cost.

WARN Winch.

SouthDown Skids x3 – color matching additional cost.

Additional Fuel Tank on D90.



                                                                                WCBR = West Coast British Racing. 

 Project Defender for 2013:    Ultimate Defender-90! Coming soon.

Copyright WCBR/WCBR 2013 All  Rights Reserved.


Left: Newly built 3.5L WCBR-Rover V8 in a custom 88"...

This is to show you the quality of our work!             2nd to None!

Left: '71 88" V8 Project 2009, note workmanship.

Left: Our "Euro" version of the D90. This started life as a 1994 #1129, where it's been modified to look like the UK & European versions.  Note the real tailgate, galvanized cappings,  rear lifting handles from a IIA/III LR, and the NAS rear bumper/hitch combo removed, and genuine mudflaps on all four corners. Note rear body panels have been modified and those nasty trailer lights removed in place of Euro type.







Left: Badger tan top does the trick, spare wheel mounted on bonnet, 16" Wolf wheels with G90 GoodYears, ARB Winch bumper & Warn Winch fitted. Lovely D90!






Left: The Golden Rod of 1966, the first V8 Land Rover will be the basis of the D90 "Golden Rod III" version, including its stunning bright yellow paint and black interior.

  copyright WCB/WCBR2012
Left: What they should have built!



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