Chassis # 34300364A
Year: 1967
Model: 109" Station Wagon, NADA

Blair Peterson's dream comes true… he was now the owner of a long wheelbase Land Rover. In October 1995 Blair arrived at WCB with his new toy, the object being to "go through it from front to back".

The 2.6-litre Rover Six had at sometime during the vehicles life been replaced with a 2.25L Petrol 4-cylinder, this had two effects on the vehicle; a) dependability increased, and b) performance decreased.


Left: Michael Green (shown) and Blair spent a weekend stripping the 109 down to the chassis.

Left: After the chassis and axles had been stripped, scrubbed and painted; a replacement firewall was shipped in from England, after being beadblasted it was painted Marine Blue.

Left: February 1996, the proud owner takes delivery of the completed 109" Wagon.

Left: During a weekend in Nevada with the Off-Road Experience, the 109" shows its worth off-road!