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West Coast British…

was founded in April 1981 as a LAND-ROVER specialist. In 1982 WCB became an authorized Parts – Service – Warranty dealer by then current North American Distributor, Jaguar-Rover-Triumph Inc., we would include Triumph and MG to our signage when it became apparent there was not enough Rovers residing in the Bay Area to keep us busy. JRT would soon change to Jaguar Cars Inc., and in 1986 Rover would establish a new office in America, Range Rover NA, later LRNA. With this came new vehicles, hence new business. We are no longer an authorized dealer though.

My association with Rovers began in February 1960, the year my Father joined the Rover Motor Company of North America Limited in South San Francisco, California, as the Service Manager (and later Product Development Engineer). I was nearly two. From that day on I’d forever have a love for the vehicle. As a true enthusiast, I had every Land Rover toy one could imagine, and still have most of them! I also collected (and destroyed!) every sales booklet ever printed. I would eat, breath, talk, ride in, and drive Land Rovers! And I still do! Currently I own a 1967 109" NADA Wagon, a 1995 Defender-90 rag-top, a 1973 88" and a 1991 Range Rover... the '91 GDE having burned to the ground on Donner Pass on November of 2000. I have since sold the Disco to pay for the 109" project.

PHOTOGRAPHS… Upper-Left: The Rover Motor Company of North America Limited original office at 373 Shaw Road, South San Francisco, CA; Standing in front of the Rover 3-Litre is Richard Green, I’m the one hanging on the door of the 88" LR. Below-Left: Inside Shaw Rd Office, early ‘60s. Bottom-Left: Out front in 1961, note the Dormobile on the right. (R.F. Green Collection).

My enthusiasm for the product led me to begin an apprenticeship with British Sports Car Service in Hayward, CA., with Denis Riley in the early 1970s (age 13). Among the vehicles I’d work on were LAND-ROVER's. In the late ‘70s I’d work for British Leyland at their Northern California port facility during the '75 Jaguar switch-over, and later Cal-Auto in 1976. (BLs port contractor). In 1981 I opened West Coast British.
When the Range Rover was to make its debut in America (finally, after 17 years!) there was talk of my dad running the new show, but he was planning on retiring soon, so that was the end of that. In interviewed in 1986 but had seconds thoughts and didn't take the job. Later in 1990 I joined Range Rover North America (LRNA now) as a Field Engineer, which was good fun (until they hired some BMW expert who got along with no one, and since I hate politics, there was a parting of the ways. He was later booted!). After that I’d re-open WCB and founded "ORE".

During my association with the marquee, I have had the opportunity to witness many new and unusual Land Rovers, most of these being throughout the 1960s and ‘70s, but we can not forget those of the ‘80s and ‘90s. In addition, we at West Coast British/WCBR have modified, created and restored a number of vehicles ourselves, some of which we’d like to share with you here. See Latest LAND-ROVER Restorations

Once you’ve completed a brief trip down memory lane, you’ll find any number of parts and accessories for your Land Rover vehicle, including specialized parts built and sold only by us. If you have any questions regarding those items listed, or those not listed, please feel free to call us with your inquiries. Don’t forget we service Rovers daily!

Michael Green

    January 2006      (revised Feb 2013)