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1964 Hi-Floatation for Shell Oil


Jim Joss in Canada


Jet-1 1950



80" at Quail Lodge.



Boating Nevada style!


It's Not a Christmas Party 2005.

Our Fire Crew 2006!







Left: The Original! Built for Shell Oil Company in 1963 for use in Alaska during exploration of possible pipeline routes, this 88" was fitted with special wheels and tyres that would enable it to cross the vast Tundra. Under the rear floor, running off the pto, was an air compressor, thus enabling the driver to inflate the tyres from 2-pis to 20-psi. To enable steering the massive tyres, a Garrison power-steering system was fitted. Up front was a Koenig pto winch. The cost of the tyres and wheels alone was more than the then current retail price of the Land Rover! The Project Development Engineer was Richard Green. Photo was taken on Monterey beach, CA. To our knowledge, this vehicle is still owned by Shell Oil and still in use. Has anyone seen it?

Below: Dennis Riley on Monterey Beach (CA) testing 88". Photo from Roger Taylor Collection; copyright 2009.

Left: Rover Motor Company of NA (Canada) built this vehicle at the request of the Canadian Forestry Service. This "high-clearance" 109" was capable of crossing ditches, drains, boulders, etc. Notice how the LR is crab-tracked… thus enabling it to steer and so the rear wheels do not follow in the front wheels tracks, thus increasing traction.


Above & Below: 109" Forestry Project undergoing tests. Photo from Roger Taylor Collection; Copyright 2009.  Roger would become Serv Mgr at Rover Motor Company NA Ltd, South San Francisco, CA.


Below: This 88" dual-wheeled special was an idea sponsored by then Land Rover dealer Bill Reno of Boulder, Colorado, a great enthusiast. Not totally successful due to premature axle and hub bearing/seal failure. The idea was right, but further development by Solihull wasn’t forthcoming.


Note: On Oct 7th, 2009 we rec'd the below letter.  The top photo appeared in FourWheeler magazine approx 25 years with a title that now offends the trademark holder! Go figure.

My name is Penny Xxxxx & I work for BIGFOOT 4X4, Inc.  My boss has instructed me to contact you regarding the use of “The Original “Big-Foot” on one of the vehicles on your web site.  The use of the BIGFOOT name is unauthorized and constitutes a direct infringement of the BIGFOOT trademark, which has several US and international registrations.

 You (and all persons whose actions you direct and/or control) are hereby ordered to Cease and Desist any and all further use of the BIGFOOT name, logo, likeness, image(s), etc. All such use has been, and continues to be, unauthorized.  Any and all depictions of the BIGFOOT monster truck or the BIGFOOT name or any BIGFOOT references in any capacity whatsoever require the prior, written permission of BIGFOOT 4x4, Inc. 

Please respond immediately, stating that you have received and understand this Cease and Desist Notice, and that you will remove or have removed, any such infringements.. 

Thank you for your immediate cooperation in this matter 

Penny Xxxxx

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