Best ever 88" LAND-ROVERs

Chassis # 24103311A 1963  &   Chassis # 24419353B 1965

Taken Feb 2012 in the Sierra foothills, Todd Ruppels 1963 88" (left) and WCB 1965 88" (right)... along with Michael Greens 1966 NADA 109 in background. These two 88" LAND-ROVERs are, in our eyes, the best two 88" LAND-ROVERs you'll ever find... Period!

Why would we say such? 1) The quality of the original vehicle, it lived in sunny California all it's life; 2) Not only the expert restoration by West Coast British, but the modifications carried out to each vehicle.


Above/Below: Oakdale, CA. Feb 2012... as we try to recreate a press photo taken at Bruce McWilliams place in upstate NY in the early 1960s.    That's Andrew Green on the gray 88"  His grandfather was Service Manager & Product Development Engineer for the Rover Motor Company of North America Limited, based in South San Francisco from 1960 onwards...
Above: Lori enjoying the 88" for the weekend during Nevada Trophy 2011.  


When these two 88" were new they were both fitted with the 2.25L 3-main Petrol engine; 4-speed main Rover gearbox with a 2-speed Rover transfer and 4.7:1 ratio diff's. Brakes were 10" SLS drum, leaf springs with beam axles... typical of the day and nearly bullet proof.

Today however things have changed, we at West Coast British have up-dated these LAND-ROVERs for modern drivers and today's traffic.

         Chassis # 24103311A 1963  &   Chassis # 24419353B 1965

Engine:   2.5L TDI Land Rover Diesel.          2.8L 5-main Petrol with 1.5" SU.

BHP:        120                                                  130

Gearbox:  Original w/Fairy Overdrove.          Original. No OD.

Axles:      Original w/4.7:1 ratio & ARB.        Original w/3.54:1 ratio

Brakes:    10" drum x4                               Vented Disc on Frt, 10" drum rear,

Brakes:     Dual-type Girling master 109".      Girling 3/4" for front & 5/8" for rear.

Wheels:      16x7"  Wolf MOD type.              16x7" Wolf MOD type.

Tyres:         Good-Year  MT/R 245/75R16.    Good-Year G90 750-16R.

Mileage:       34/36 mpg!                                  12/18 mpg!

Fuel Capacity: 24 gallon, US                            24 gallon, US


Photos Copyright WCB/MG/CL2014