The 36th Annual Monterey Historic Automobile Races & Pebble Beach

Date Line, Mazda-Laguna Seca Raceway, August 15th, 2009; 


Do you know this guy? 

We spotted him at Laguna Seca & Pebble Beach 2009

The STIG...  Will Race for Food.  

         "Some say... That Old Grand Prix cars whimper when he walks by"


The 36th Annual Monterey Historic Automobile Races & Pebble Beach

"Tamed Racing Driver"  The STIG was on top of his game this weekend. Stiggy debuted his new 2009 Simpson Helmet & Alpinestar suit. On Sunday Stiggy was seen wearing a shirt & tie at Pebble inside his suit! A first.

At Pebble Beach a fan asked, "Where are the guys?"  The spokesman reply was, "Jeremy is too fat for Pebble! Capt Slow would love Pebble, and Richard, well he'd just be saying "Sorry!" to everyone as he ran into these priceless cars!"    

                           Stiggy misses clinching Pole Position due to car trouble...


First up Stiggy wins in former Fangio Alfa Grand Prix car...

                                        Stig aggravates Porsche buyers...

Stig spends time with former 500cc World Champ Wayne Rainy...

                                         Win Sundays CanAm final with a McLaren ...

and finally signs with Ferrari at Pebble Beach for 2010!

 Thanks to SIMPSON Safety Equipment for supplying the 2009 Helmet and Alpinestar for the new suit.

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