Chassis # 
Year: 1995
Model: Defender by WCBR

January 2006: Sadly it won't be long before we see the Defender, as we know it, gone forever. The Defender is the last of a long line of LAND-ROVER vehicles that first made its' debut at the Geneva Show in the late 1940s. Since that time the LAND-ROVER has conquered the world, literally. In many cases, those people who had never seen an automobile of any kind, their first sighting of this new fangled contraption was a LAND-ROVER! 

As the LAND-ROVER progressed Solihull would introduce the "Series-II" in the late 1950s, followed by the "IIA" in 1963, and the "Series-III" late 1971. Each vehicle model would have significant up-dates. In 1979 the first V8 powered LAND-ROVER made its debut. Within a year of its introduction the prototype ONE-TEN was being tested. This highly modified Series-III, taking the coil spring suspension from the famed Range Rover, and incorporating full-time 4wd from the same (in the V8s at the time), was the best LAND-ROVER to date when introduced in 1984. Soon thereafter the "NINETY" made its debut, thus ending the "Series-III" leaf spring cars forever.

The last LAND-ROVER's sold in North America had been the Series-III, that ended in late 1974. The reason was two fold; slow sales and 1975 emission regulations that the vehicle could not comply with... the latter has now effected the more recent TD5 engine.  In 1993 LRNA made a feeble attempt to re-import the LAND-ROVER, by importing 525 special built 110 V8 Wagons (500 for USA and 25 for Canada. Had LRNA had any common sense, which they clearly didn't, they would of imported the complete range of Defender's). In 1994 the Defender-90 arrived in limited numbers, followed in 1995 by more vehicles. In '96 it vanished, only to re-appear again for 1997 with an automatic transmission. And finally, the last of the old LAND-ROVER was a special  D90 V8 Automatic anniversary car with a '97 VIN# (to avoid the feds).

Since then there have been no new LAND-ROVER's imported, real LAND-ROVER's that is... Discovery doesn't count. However, there have been a number of illegal ones brought it (illegal; meaning as far as US Customs, EPA & DOT are concerned. We highly suggest you avoid these cars and the problems they can bring an unsuspecting buyer/owner).  Sadly, North America will never see the LAND-ROVER Defender, as we know it, again. May 2006: It seems there is some misguided info floating around on the Internet (so what else is new!), people telling us, "the Defender will return to the USA in 2007."  We find this very doubtful. You may very well see a Defender in the future, but in name only. The current vehicle does not comply with US safety/crash regulations - the same reason it left us after 1997. The TD5 engine is no longer in production, nor is the V8...  see where I'm going here?  

  In the very near future West Coast British/WCBR will announce the beginning of a special LAND-ROVER, one that will both be a real performer and blow your mind!  And the quality will be something only WCB can offer.   No, there won't be any seat-heaters, no power windows and locks, but it will be a real  LAND-ROVER in every sense of the word. Each vehicle will be special, no two alike.  Have we got your attention?

  We are going to build the Defender that Solihull should of built before re-entering the US market in 1993.  What's holding us up from starting now? We have, for the most part, already begun...  specifications have been drawn up, the wheels have been set in motion... now all we have to do is complete the three current restoration projects now filling our shop (see Project Vehicles master list).

 Interested in buying one? E-mail (only) your name/address to us and we'll add you to our growing list.

Stay Tuned for more.

Up-date; May 2006: We have had a number of questions submitted, so we will try to answer a few of them here for you now.

Up-date; Aug 2006: The press photos of the 2007 Defenders are out, and it does look great! A new dash graces the interior, and under the hood is a new 2.4L common rail diesel engine driving through a new 6-speed gearbox.  Food for thought.

Q: Can you tell me the specifications of your planned Rover? A: NO! This is something we will not divulge, too many copy-cats out there. In due time, you'll all know the spec's of #1.

Q: Can I get it with a 300TDi engine? A: NO. None of these vehicles will be diesel powered (and the 300TDi is out of production & is not US legal for use in these cars). Note: Did you know that the 200TDI & 300TDI were created from the old 2.25L petrol/diesel engine used in LAND-ROVER's since late 1950s? Well they are!

Q: Will you sell me the parts to make my own vehicle like yours? A: Sorry, but NO. Each car will be built by WCB, and each one will be slightly different from another.

Left: The WCB 1995 D90 at work in Nevada. With its 4.6L engine and numerous modifications, it's our development sled.  (Photo from Dec '05)

Note the GOOD-YEAR MT/R's

Left: this photo is of a one-off prototype LAND-ROVER built just a few years ago. Those who hoped it would appear on the market were sad to learn otherwise. We are planning on making our own version. Unlike others before us, who only used paint and wheels, ours will be the real thing!