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                 2017 Schedule of events       Revised 01/19/2017

FYI: Dates subject to change without notice. Minimum class size is three vehicles - less can result in postponement, meaning you could be moved to a later event date. Please check with ORE for more.

In 2007 ORE has expand its play area on public lands, we now have the largest BLM permitted area in Nevada... from just outside Reno to Wells! Join us for your adventure in off-road driving.

Jan  14-15        Adventures in Off-Road Driving  Level-1  & Level-2  Fernley, NV.

                            Ask about Corporate Safety Classes in off-road driving...

Feb 11-12   Adventures in Off-Road Driving  Level-1 & Open to request Fernley/Lovelock, NV

Mar 4th        GPS-Geocache Class; Livermore, CA

                             Ask about Adventures in Dirt Biking & ATV'ing...

Mar 18-19       Adventures in Off-Road Driving  Level-1 & Open to request Fernley, NV

Apr 15-16        Adventures in Off-Road Driving  Level-1 & Open to request Fernley/Lovelock, NV

May 13-14    Adventures in Off-Road Driving  Level-1 & Open to request Fernley/Lovelock, NV

June 25-26   Fathers Day  Adventures in Off-Road Driving  Level-1 & Open to request Fernley/Lovelock, NV

July  21-23   NEVADA TROPHY 2017    21-Years in the making, GPS Rally Raid

July                Adventures in Off-Road Driving  Level-1 & Open to request Fernley/Lovelock,

  tba               Nevada Ghost Town Excursion -Great family fun!  Lovelock, NV

Aug                Adventures in Off-Road Driving  Level-1 & Open to request  Fernley, NV

AUG TBA, 2017;   Applegate-Lassen Trail ride 1846 -History Re-visited. It's late April 1847; The "jumping off point" is Independence, MS; you're traveling west in a wagon train being pulled by three yoke of Oxen, giving you an average speed of 1.5-mph. After months on the trail you arrive at Lassen Meadows in early August, here you find a painted barrel full of notes and mail from other travelers next to the trial... You dig in and start reading. Someone writes, "Last October (1846) the Donner Party had been stranded in the Sierra mountain snows with a great loss of life."  You all rest for the night, family and critters, in the morning you have to make a choice; 1) follow the California (later the Donner Route) Route into the Sierra's, or 2) Take the Carson Trail south-west across the 40-Mile Desert, or 3) Swing the wagons north-west via the Applegate-Lassen Trail (later to become known as the "Death Route"). Click for Applegate web site

Join us for this adventure back in time. This is History lesson...  we'll sightsee the watering holes they stopped at as they trekked across Northern Nevada; see emigrant graffiti carved into rock walls; and see wagon wheel tracks still visible on the trail today! We may stumble across a grave of a lady who died in child birth in the 1860s. Like those before us, we'll have to camp along the way (on the first night we can stay at a B&B, but reservations need to be made months ahead of time, if not we camp on the trail). Children are welcome. You'll be required to bring food, water and additional gas. This is not an off-road event, but a rolling History Lesson, though you'll need a 4WD to transverse the trail.   Space is limited.... 

Sept            Adventures in Off-Road Driving  Level-1 & Open to request  Fernley, NVFernley/Lovelock, NV

Sept 16-17     Annual Danville d'Elegance 2017.

    tba          DINO DAY, Adventures in Off-Road Driving; See fossils. Fallon, NV/Love

Oct               Adventures in Off-Road Driving  Level-1 & Open to request  Fernley, NV

Nov 11-12   Adventures in Off-Road Driving  Level-1 & Open to request  Fernley/Lovelock, NV

Dec 2-3       Adventures in Off-Road Driving  Level-1 & Open to request  Fernley/Lovelock, NV

Dec 2015   Christmas Polar Express, Ely, NV. Historic steam train ride through a winter wonderland! Call or e-mail to sign up.

December 12, 2015    It's NOT a Christmas Party Party--offroading in NV. Invite only


                                         Ask about Adventures in Dirt Biking & ATV'ing...  

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Nevada Road Conditions from Mohawk-Hobbs. read "Across Nevada"


                Across Nevada in 1908... see below

The NEW YORK to PARIS Race left Time Square in February 1908, and would finish in Paris in July. Trying to cross the United States in 1908 wasn't much different than in the 1800's! The roads, for the most part, were still wagon trails...  now covered in snow. In some areas they would use the railroad tracks!  Join us as we re-trace the route of the winning car across Nevada, a 1907 Thomas Flyer (which is on display in Reno, NV). Using the drivers notes, we'll make our way west. Join us for the adventure, should be lots of fun!  Space is limited.... Join us in 2008 as we re-trace the winning route across Nevada.

Level-1/Introduction:     $310.00 per day/per car (2-drivers)
Level-2/Intermediate:    $325.00 per day/per car (   "  )
Level-3/Advanced:        $400.00 per day/per car (  "  )
One-on-One:                $500.00 per day/per car (1-driver)
Winch/Recovery:          $300.00 per day/per car
Navigation/GPS:           $300.00 per day/per car (NV location)
GPS/Geocache:           $75.00 per day/per person/couple (Livermore location).
Nevada at Night:           $100.00 per car. N/C for past students within last 24 months.
Excursions:                 Depends on event/Call. Starting at $150.00
Special Event:              Depends on event-such as Applegate Trail trip. Call.
Corporate Safety Class: Call or e-mail for more information.

Certification Training:  trainereducation.htm

Nevada Trophy        $400.00 per car (multi day event). Next Event: see above
NVTR-Mini               $200.00 per car (12-hour event).    Next Event:  TBA


  Approved "ORE" Accommodations:

Super-8  Nice! 1-775-575-5555 Fernley, NV.    Our local HQ.
Lazy Inn      Cheap! looks it too! 1-775-575-4452 Fernley, NV
Sturgeons Inn 1-775-273-2971 Lovelock, NV.  
Lovelock Inn 1-775-273-2900 Lovelock, NV.   Nice place! Our local HQ.
Peppermill Hotel Casino 1-888-826-6774 Reno, NV
Woodfords Inn      1-530-694-2410 Hwy 89/88, Markleeville, CA
Pinon Plaza, Best Western 1-775-885-9000 Carson City, NV
Carson Valley Inn 1-775-782-9711 Minden, NV 
Townhouse Motel 1-775-623-3620 Winnemucca, NV Our local HQ
Red Lion Inn/Casino 1-775-              Winnemucca, NV
Red Lion Inn/Casino 1-800-428-7143 Elko, NV
Roadway Inn 1-775-738-7152 Elko, NV
Best Western-Elko 1-800-528-1234 Elko, NV (Idaho St)
Rainbow Lodge 1-916-426-3871 Soda Springs, CA.
Soldier Meadows Ranch 1-775-849-1666 Gerlach, NV (60mi north of)
Old Yella Dog Ranch and Cattle Company 1-775-537-1704 Vya, Nevada
Walker River Lodge 1-760-932-7021 Bridgeport, CA. Nice Rooms!
Bridgeport Inn 1-760-932-7380 Bridgeport, CA Great Food!
Andruss Motel 1-530-495-2216 Coleville, CA Hwy-395 North of Hwy-108.
Overland Hotel & Saloon 1-775-962-5895 Pioche, Nevada
Burns Hermitage Ranch 1-702-256-1215. east of Pioche, NV
Hidden Canyon Ranch 1-775-234-7172. near Great Basin Park; Baker, NV
Super-8 Motel  - Wells 1-775-752-3384 Wells, NV  

As a service to you we have listed here a number of major hotel/motel "800" numbers for future use with us, or for when your on the road somewhere.

Best Western 1-800-528-1234
Ramada Inn 1-800-272-6232
Econo Lodge 1-800-55-ECONO
Embassy Suite 1-800-362-2779
Holiday Inn 1-800-Holiday
Howard Johnson’s 1-800-654-2000
La Quinta Inn 1-800-531-5900
Super-8 Motel 1-800-800-8007
Motel-6 1-505-891-6161
Rodeway Inn 1-800-228-2000
Sheraton 1-800-325-3535
Nevada Info 1-800-NEVADA-8

Above: ORE Crew.

Back; Rob Whitaker & Bret Morshead

Front: John Gulliford, Michael Green, Ritch Julian.

Below: April Loui

Bottom: Todd Rueppel (in hat)


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