Chassis # 24103311A
Year: 1963
Model: 88" Station Wagon.   Engine: 2.25L Petrol. 

This 88" Station Wagon was imported by the Rover Motor Company of North America Ltd, South San Francisco, CA, and it arrived at San Francisco in 1963.

Todd Rueppel purchased this Series IIA 88" in 1993 .... here's a bit of history.

As you can see, a complete restoration was undertaken in 2005 and 2007...

This turned out to be one of the best ever 88" you'll ever drive. With it's 200TDI the on town mileage is in the 30's to the gallon, and it's road speed over Donner Pass is an easy 65-mph in overdrive with throttle in hand! Here is it at Danville d'Elegance in September of 2011 where it was quite a hit.  Read on for the full story.

Left: In 1997 Todd entered the 88" in the Desert Pro-Challenge, a navigational competition in Northern Nevada, this picture is from the Trophy Course portion of the event.

Above: "As seen in Playboy, June 2000" Todd & Lorie Rueppel head their 88" north across the Black Rock Desert (Nevada) while re-tracing the Applegate-Lassen Trail during the summer of 1999 (silver 88" at the left).
Left: Lorie & Todd with their Land Rover in Lovelock, NV., during NVTR2001 this year they volunteered as workers. The 88" was used for course layout, though when at home Lorie uses it on the ranch daily.
Left: The 88" at speed on the Black Rock Desert, the home of the Worlds Land Speed Record, though no record was set on this run, this 88" is fast for a 2.25L rig.
Left: NVTR99, Todd & Lorie compete on the Trophy Course and West Coast British sponsored them.

Accessories & Modifications: Then...
34/38 DGV Weber carb on polished intake manifold with K&N air filter.
Nickel-plated 4-branch header with free-flow 2.5" exhaust system.
Port-polished cylinder head by WCBR. 
2.5L Camshaft.
Fairey overdrive.
Dual-matic locking hubs.
Twin 12-gallon fuel tanks with back-up electric pump in addition to stock pump.
ARB Air Locking diff x2.
4 point roll bar.
Hella Rally 4000 driving lights
TIC Parabolic leaf springs with Santana shocks.
DUNLOP LT245/75R16 Radial Rover R/T tires.