Chassis # 24419353B
Year: 1965
Model: 88" Hardtop. Engine: 2.25L Petrol.

March 2011

This 88" Hardtop was imported by the Rover Motor Company of North America Ltd, South San Francisco, CA, and it arrived at San Francisco in 1965. Its only option was the Kodiak heater. The top wasn't the original specification.


Left: Dec 2010, 1965 88" HT

Left: March 2011 at WCB.

2.25L Petrol, former MOD engine... ran ok, but didn't have the suds it once had, being this was a 7:1cr engine vs. the 8:1 it came with.

Left: March 2011, Pyro taking it apart... it's a long job!
Left: March 2011, Pyro still taking it apart! The chassis was near perfect!