Chassis # 24444295H
Year: 1971
Model: 88" Deluxe Hardtop 

Ritch Julian purchased this Land Rover in 1998 in southern California. It was driven daily until he purchased a new Discovery II in the summer of 2000. The old Land Rover was a fairly decent shape considering its age, but it wasn't great either. The big problem was the butchered/home-made wiring and gauge package fitted by the previous owner. The body was battered, hence all new fenders and doors will be replaced during the restoration.

Left: Jan 2009

New paint work on new chassis...


Left: Jan 2009;

Left: New custom WCBR Dash and diamond plates sections....

Above: Chassis 1/2 way there...

Above: 3.5L WCBR/Rover V8

Modifications & Accessories;

WCBR-Rover 3.5L V8 engine mated to std 4-speed late IIA gearbox.

HP camshaft, lifters & light weight pushrods.

Adjustable steed twin-row timing chain/gear set.

Mallory Elec Distributor.

Offy-JWR Dual-port intake manifold.

Holley 390 4bbl car w/K&N Air Filter.

Fairey overdrive.

ARB Air Locking diff at rear, Ratio STD Land Rover.

Twin 12-Gallon fuel tanks up front & custom alloy rear tank.

New Galvanized chassis powder coated Gloss Black.

Diamond Plate fender tops by WCBR.

Diamond Plate floor plates & firewall panels by WCBR.

Custom Dash by WCBR.