Chassis # 24444295H
Year: 1971
Model: 88" Deluxe Hardtop 

Ritch Julian purchased this Land Rover in 1998 in southern California. It was driven daily until he purchased a new Discovery II in the summer of 2000. The old Land Rover was a fairly decent shape considering its age, but it wasn't great either. The big problem was the butchered/home-made wiring and gauge package fitted by the previous owner. The body was battered, hence all new fenders and doors will be replaced during the restoration.

Left: During the Summer of 1999; Ritch and his 88" re-traces the Applegate-Lassen emigrant trail. Used from 1849 on wards, the trail today is still as it was 150+ years ago.

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Above: "As seen in Playboy, June 2000" Ritch heads the 88" north across the Black Rock Desert (Nevada) while re-tracing the Applegate-Lassen Trail.
Left: Closer look at the front of the engine.
Left: Rover Frame Progress.

Above: 2009, Body now with new fenders and in new color; Metallic Orange