Chassis # XXXXXXXX
Year: 1995
Model: Defender 90 #2910

In November 2000 our 1991 Range Rover GDE burned to the ground on Donner Pass (I-80); this Defender-90 is its replacement. Purchased from Greg Chapel of Sparks, NV., Greg and the D90 had previously competed in the Nevada Trophy a number of times, one year they won the Trophy Course award! The D90 fits into what we do, and even better now.

In 1993 LRNA in their funny version of wisdom thought they'd import the Defender 110 V8 to North America. A Long-wheelbase LR hadn't graced our shores since the late 60's, so the time was ripe. Sadly those in charge in Lanham, Maryland couldn't see the light of day. What they wanted was a "nitch vehicle"  and thus imported the Defender 110 with it's Camel Trophy type rollcage. Only 500 units were shipped to the USA and a mere 25 to Canada. In reality it was total madness, as Solihull was willing and wanting to send everything in the 110" line-up, which would have meant Hardtops, Pickups, HCPC, Crew-cabs, Station Wagons, etc. We could have had a quite an assortment of vehicles had LRNA staffers only listened....  Made me cringe! We could have had quite an assortment had LRNA only listened....  The following year LRNA would finally import a limited number of the Defender 90. The "NINETY", as it was originally called, can trace its roots back to GOLDEN ROD of 1966.

Left: Todd & Lorie Rueppel used our D90 during NEVADA TROPHY 2002; here they are in action on the Trophy Course (recovery task).

Left: The way a LAND-ROVER should really look, like a LAND-ROVER! Note that all the plastic has been removed.

The roll bar mounted lights have since gone... too much glare on the glass.

Here the D90 leads an "ORE" event through School Bus Canyon, NV. July 2002.

Left: Stopped for lunch during the July 2002 "ORE" Winching/Recovery Class, School Bus Canyon, NV.



Below: A more recent photo of the D90, from October 2005 near Bolivia... note ARB winch bumper  and  light arrangement. 

Accessories & Modifications: 
4.6 litre Rover V8 by WCBR; blue printed, Crane Cam, adjustable timing gear/chain set, modified cylinder heads (fitted March 2003), headers, free-flow cats x2, RPI chip in ECU make for an awesome running D90, whether it's on or off road!

All plastic has been removed from the front; Stainless wire-mess grill and Series III headlight rims (color keyed) fitted.

ARB Winch Bumper.
WARN M8000 winch.
Bilstein Shocks.
Old Man Emu Springs.
Southdown steel protector’s x3.
All alloy side mounted fuel tank by WCBR.
Lucas 20/20 Driving lights x2.
Hella 550 Fog/Cornering lights x2.
High powered Back-up light.
Special Transfer oil pump system by WCBR.
Good-Year LT265/75R16 MT/R tires fitted.

May 2005: We've since completed reworking the rear of the D90...  it now sports Series IIA type tail lamps in the original locations. The D90 lamps were removed due to rotten wiring connectors at the lamps, caused by water & mud being sprayed on them (not a good set up). Now all wiring is inside the body. Special diamond plate panels were made, and IIA/III body cappings fitted. Looks great! The steel wheels are Genuine LR, power-coated white with new Good-Year MT/R's.


Below: Note "Max Speed" on GPS during our run into Lovelock late one night! 110 MPH!

Above: Our D90 doing NVTR2011 course layout in Northern Nevada on a spring day.

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