Chassis # n/a
Year: 1972
Model: 88" Deluxe Hardtop

This 88", a Series III, arrived at WCB in 1982 after it had just undergone an engine conversion, the 2.25L Petrol being removed and a 250 cubic inch GM Six being fitted. The car was an absolute mess, to say the least, thus our job was to make things right.


Left: WCB's Bret Morshead can't believe what he sees!

Left: March 1983; Bret Morshead hard at work stripping the 88". The butchery was such that we had no choice but the take the whole thing apart! The firewall needed repairing after it had been cut & hacked, the engine mounts we an absolute joke, and the engine itself had come right from the breakers yard (and ran just as well). Some people shouldn't be allowed to buy tools! At any rate, everything would have to undergo overhaul.

Left: The End Result! Including fresh Marie Blue paint and White top.