Chassis # 35803619B
Year: 1973
Model: Range Rover 

This Range Rover was purchased by WCB in December 1981; having only completed some 21,000 miles (or so we were lead to believe!), and was driven by us until it's sale in late 1994... to buy a new Discovery. Had we known then, what we know now, we would of kept the Range Rover! A far better car, no question. At present this Range Rover has over 600,000 miles on it!  Summer 2005: This car was recently sold on Craigslist! We tried to buy it back... but lost out.

Left: Some months after buying the Range Rover a young lady in a Plymouth wagon pulled out and drilled the left-front, OUCH! Parts were not available in North America in those days so we called UNIPART in the UK and had them air freighted in. Unlike the Range Rovers imported  by LRNA from 1987 onwards, the old Range Rovers were built like Land Rovers, meaning; everything was bolted together and not welded. Here a new inner fender has been fitted.

Left: With the new bonnet painted and fitted….

Left: Since the new pieces didn't match the car (paint), we stripped the car of lights, handles, mirrors, etc., and sanded/painted the whole car. Looks sharp now. 

Left: At speed on Stage-5 (Dead Camel Mountains) during the 1984 Carson City International Pro Rally. Driver: Michael Green / Navigator: former Mrs Green.

Left: January 1989 the Range Rover stopped at old Pony Express Station in Nevada (near Fort Churchill).

Left: September 1990, the '73 RR does course layout work for up coming Land Rover North America off-road event in Nevada... we're nearing Virginia City. 

Left: From 1991 onwards the Range Rover was used to lead "Off-Road Experience" schools and excursions in California and Nevada. This is near Lockwood, NV.