Chassis # 26404214B
Year: 1965
Model: 109" Station Wagon

In November 1989 WCB met with this 109" owner, Steve Collins, at a Motocross in Palmdale, California (southern CA), where WCB's Michael Green was competing. WCB's Bret Morshead drove the 2.25L Petrol 109" Wagon some 300 miles to our shop. When he arrived in Dublin he said "this thing hammered all the way home! Not bad for a 2.25L 4-banger!". 

The object of this was to fit a 302 cubic inch (5.0-litre) Ford V8. In addition the gearbox was overhauled, and ARB Air Locking diff's replaced the Rover unit, though the 4.7:1 ratios were retained.


Left: Everything from the seatbox forward was removed, stripped, modified and re-sprayed Green before refitting. The brake system was up-rated to the Series III brake pedal & booster. Note the RH side of the tunnel/firewall to suit Ford V8.

Left: Nearly finished… note the Holley Throttle body EFI and twin remote oil filters.