Chassis # 25402133A
Year: 1964
Model: 109" Station Wagon

Nicknamed as the "Green Monster", WCB found this 109" in the San Francisco Bay Area in May 1982. The whole body had been disassembled before our purchase and the 2.25L engine was missing. In general the 109" was in wonderful condition, not and ounce of rust anywhere. 

In November 1982 the vehicle was sold to a Berkeley California Construction & Contractor company; they chose to have us fit a 250 cubic inch GM 6-cylinder engine, they also chose the British Racing Green paint with white trim and black upholstery.
Some years later the 109" was sold; last we heard it was in Truckee, California.


Left: Shows the condition of the vehicle years before our purchase; the camo paint had been applied with a brush!

Left: July 1983 is its debut day… What a looker this 109" turned out to be!