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Maintaining your vehicle is a very important part of everyday life, for without maintenance your vehicle could fail on you just when you really need to depend on it. Like most people, our schedules are very busy these days, and our off time is thus even more precious.   Regardless of what vehicle you own/drive, some sort of maintenance is required every 7500 miles (maximum).  If you do limited mileage, we suggest that you adjust your service schedule to every 6-months.

Here at West Coast British we offer you same day service in most cases... If you drop your Rover off at 9am for a Major Service, we'll have it back to you before the end of the day! And... at less cost than any dealer in the Bay Area. 

To Make your appointment, call 925-606-8301 Monday-Friday 9-6. or e-mail us at wcbr@netzero.com

Not sure if your Rover is due for servicing? Take a look at your mileage, then read your Passport-To-Service  booklet (with the owners manual). If you don't have one, here are the mileage figures...

7500/37.5/67.5K miles = Minor Service.  

15/45/75K miles = Intermediate Service.

30/60/90/120K miles = Major Service.

You can click on the above right links to view what is done during a particular service.

Check out the One-on-One Classes offered by WCB for your Rover. A great investment!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TIRES TIRES TIRES TIRES TIRES TIRES

Here we have compiled a listing of stock tire sizes for your Rover (optional at bottom).

When buying tires ALWAYS remember that you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle and need to buy in sets of four. All four need to be of the same diameter. The spare tire should also be of the same type and make.  Also, never fit "P" rated tires on a Land Rover, the "P" does not have the weight ratings for these type of vehicles, which are heavier than most. Tires should be rated as per the manufacturer or "LT" specification with a minimum load rating of "C" or greater.

We recommend Good-Year and Dunlop tires for all your tire needs. We can supply AVON Tyres for your older LR restoration projects, such as 6.00x16, 6.50x16 and 7.50x16 in the original patterns.

Land Rover 80" 86"                       6.00x16

Land Rover 88" 1958-1966 (US) 6.50x16

Land Rover 88" 1967-1974 (US) 7.00x15

Land Rover 109"         7.50x16 or 750R16  

Defender 90 (US)                 LT265/75R16

Defender 110 (US)                         750R16    

Be advised that steel wheels on the above listed LR's (not D90 w/alloy) is a "tube type" wheel and has no bead locks. We can supply a cure!

Range Rover 1970-95  205R16  205/80R16

Discovery 1989-1999 (US)        235/70R16

Discovery II 1999-  (US)            255/65R16

Discovery II 1999-  (US)            255/55R18

Range Rover 1995-1998            235/70R16

Range Rover 1995-2002            255/55R18

When purchasing tires other than the original size and specification (meaning larger diameter), always remember that the greater the diameter of the tire the greater the effect is on gear ratios and on-road performance of your vehicle. In the case of Discovery (89-99) and Range Rover (70-95), the suspension may need modification. In addition, some body modifications may be required to fit larger diameter tires. If you are not sure, call us any time. If you chose to fit larger diameter tires, we can help in regards to gear ratio changes.


Above: The Turp hard at work on the "Dust Road", his 1995 D90 Wagon on GOOD-YEAR MT/R's,  getting him home every time!

Below: WCBR 1973 Range Rover during the 1984 Carson City International Pro-Rally; Michael Green driving.

  The below listed service rates apply to the following LAND-ROVER vehicles:   

Discovery V8 1984-1999,

Discovery-II V8 1999-2004,            

Range Rover V8 1970-1995,

Range Rover V8 1996-2001,       

Land Rover 88/109", Petrol 4-cyl (6-cyl extra),

Land Rover Defender 90/110 V8.

Minor Service (similar to 7500K)             $270.00

Minor Service, 4.4L BMW (similar 15K/45K)    $350.00

Intermediate Service (similar to 15K)        $510.00

Major Service (similar to 30/60/90K)         $685.00 

Major Service (for 88" & 109")               $685.00

Major Service (FREELANDER V6)         $650.00

Change Motor Oil/Filter only           $30.00

Auto Transmission Service (drain/refill)       $62.50

Auto Transmission Service DiscoII/RR 4.6L    $125.00

Auto Transmission Filter Replacement        $187.50

Gearbox Service (manual, drain/refill)         $62.50

Transfercase Service (drain/refill)             $62.50

Differential Service (drain/refill each)          $40.00

The above rates are for Labor only, Parts & fluids are additional.     The average Major Service expense would be approx $650.00 Total. 



 Engine, Gearbox, Automatic, Transfer Case, Axles: 

We use Mobil-1, CASTROL Syntec & GTX motor oil.  We offer top quality lubricants during service work, such as the GL5 rated 80/90w gear oil.  As an option, we also offer Red-Line Synthetic oil's for Automatic, P/S, manual gearbox & diff's... at your request. 



The cooling and heating system in your Rover is very important part of your vehicle, and neglecting it will only cause trouble down the road. Like any other car, the rubber hoses age over time, and heat just quickens the process. With that said, we suggest that every 82,500 miles (or ten years) you should replace all hoses, and have the radiator removed and sent out to a radiator specialist for checking, cleaning or repairing... far cheaper than buying a new radiator! A word to the wise; Never overheat your engine, as you can cause unrepairable damage! Always check and top-up the coolant weekly, and keep an eye on that water temperature gauge. If the needle is heading towards hot, just pull over and switch off the engine... do not drive it. A bit on inconvenience is far cheaper than a new engine. 

In addition, you'll find you have other "cooling hoses" on your vehicle; these could be Engine Oil Cooler hoses, Automatic Transmission Cooler hoses, and Power Steering hoses. Like those with water, these too age, but these can be a fire hazard if one of these bursts at speed and sprays hot oil onto the exhaust system! So avoid the problems of the car below and get these changed too.


BRAKES:  Labor figures shown, Parts additional. Land Rover part #s are used as reference only, Parts could be Genuine, OEM, or after-market. We use only high quality parts when working on your Rover.

for Range Rover Classic, Discovery and Defender 90/110 (frt on 110)...

Remove & Refit Front Pad Set          $125.00

Remove & Refit Rear Pad Set           $125.00

Remove & Refit Brake Disc             $187.50  (each)  Includes re-packing of wheel bearings & fitting hub seals.

Remove & Refit Rear Brk Shoes (D110)  $187.50

for Discovery-II and Range Rover 4.0/4.6L...

Remove & Refit Front Pad Set          $150.00

Remove & Refit Rear Pad Set            $150.00

Remove & Refit Brake Disc (each)       $62.50

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Don't let your brakes get this dangerously worn out...   see WCB first for a FREE brake inspection (visual only).


In all cases we use only high quality parts for your Land Rover vehicle. Land Rover part #s are used as reference only. In most cases we offer Genuine Land Rover, as well as OEM (original equipment manufacturer), such as Lucas/Girling. We also offer top qualify after-market brands such as Ferodo, Mintex and Brembo. We offer Autolite & Bosch +4 sparkplugs (over Champions), whilst we use Prestone or Texaco coolants.


 We offer only top quality WCB Tested & Approved  accessories for our Land Rovers and yours. Whether you seek Genuine or after-market items, we will steer you right. In fact, there are some after-market products that we will not fit! For more, feel free to call us.

Note: Like most car dealerships, we too frown on customers supplying their own parts for jobs. This creates a number of problems, one being that of warranty, who then honors the warranty? In other cases we may already have the parts in stock, or have special ordered them for a particular job in advance of your appointment.  In some limited cases we are willing to discuss options (on older vehicles such a 1953 80").  Thank you for your understanding. 

Optional Tires Sizes for on/off-road use...

Good Year      *=Best Suited

Discovery 1989-1999 (US)  *LT225/75R16

Discovery 1989-1999 (US)    LT245/75R16

Discovery-II 1999-2004        LT245/75R16

Range Rover 1970-1995      *LT225/75R16

Range Rover 1970-1995        LT245/75R16

Range Rover 1970-1995        LT265/75R16

Defender-90 (stk alloy)         LT235/85R16

Defender 90 (8" rim)                305/70R16

Defender 110 (stk rim)          LT235/85R16

Defender 110 (8" rim)              305/70R16

Be advised that steel wheels on D110 is a "tube type" wheel and has no bead locks. We can supply a cure!

In search of special wheels? Call us. We can supply Compomotive Alloy Wheels.

Always be aware that changing to a different wheel width and/or off-set from stock can have an effect on wheel bearings, meaning load capabilities and wear rate. Larger and heavier tires can also have unseen effects.

Most Popular tires we use on our Rovers?

Good-Year MT/R                The best mud tire!

Good-Year Silent Armor    Great on/off road.

Good-Year Wrangler HP    for Disco-II/RR.

Good-Year Wrangler AT/S  Great in snow.

Good-Year Wrangler AT       All Terrain.

Important Note to 4WD Owners/Drivers;

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What We Don't Do...

 February 20, 2007 (revised)

For those of you that are asking... 

Due to changes in California law, then and now, we do not do Air Conditioning work, nor offer Smog Tests & Certificates. We can no longer sub out the smog test either. We suggest the Smog Station in Dublin, call them at 925-828-9119. 

Another new law has to do with testing & repairing Automatic Transmissions. Since we are not automatic specialists, nor do we stock the genuine tools for testing same, we will refer you to an Authorized LR dealer, or local Transmission shop. Once the transmission has been tested/failed, and you choose us to replace the A/T, we can help, buy, a) supplying new ZF automatic, or b) a rebuilt unit from ZF.  Note: Please bring paperwork from where you had it tested.

In addition, we DO NOT work on the following items;

Heater & A/C on any Range Rover or Discovery (all).

Electronic Air Suspension on Range Rovers... we will however convert it to Coil Springs when you are fed up with spending untold $$$$.$$ at your local dealer on repairing same. Note: We do not have the computer to talk to, test, or reset the EAS.

Dashboard work on the 1995-2001 Range Rover (P38).

GPS Navigation systems, or Stereo systems; see an Authorized  LR dealer, or stereo specialist. 

Other than service/maintenance work, we do not work on the BMW version Range Rover or Freelander. 


Discovery-II, V8, 1999 - 2004.

We DO NOT undertake the following jobs; 

Remove & Refit Engine. 

Remove & Refit Automatic Transmission.

Remove & Refit Camshaft (as A/C must discharged and Condenser removed). 

Power Steering Cooler piping (see Dlr).

Race Car Service & Prep available too

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