West Coast British, your LAND-ROVER Specialist.

Maintaining & Servicing Your LAND-ROVER

  Land-Rover FREELANDER V6 -not LR2

Service, Major            $650.00

(similar to Land Rovers 30/60/90K)      Plus parts          

Change Motor oil & Filter;  Castrol Syntec motor oi 5/30 or 5/40wl)

Change Transmission oil; Syn Dextron-III ATF

Change Transfercase oil; Syn 75/90w GL5 Gear Oil

Check Rear Axle oil; Syn 75/90w GL5 Gear Oil

Check/Top-up Brake fluid; Castrol LMA DOT-4 or Syn Dot4/5

Check/Top-up cooling system (see note at bottom regarding hoses & radiator)

Check for Leaks in Cooling/Heating system

Check/Replace Air Filter (as required); ESR4238

Check Plug Wire set to cracks, burning and arcing.

Replace Spark Plugs as required (check/re-gap/refit if plugs good-new); AP3923 Autolite Platn.

Check operation of Throttle/Adjust as needed

Replace Fuel Filter (at 90k miles)

Check for Fuel Leaks, report.

Check Cam covers for leaks, tighten.

Check  Drive Shaft U-Joints & CV Boots.

Check/Tighten Prop-Shaft Bolts, tighten as needed.

Lube Door Hinges (as required)

Check/Adjust Tire Pressures, all; 30-psi

Check condition of Tires & report.

Check for Oil Leaks; Engine, Transmission, Transfer, Swivels, Axles, Steering

Check for Oil Leaks; Shocks.

Check Brake pipes/hose for security and leaks

Check Brakes x4, report.

Check Hub Bearing end-float, report.

Check Operation of Hand Brake, Adjust as needed.

Check Exhaust System for leaks, security & damage

Check condition of Drive Belt(s)

Check condition of Battery. 7591 Series.

Check All Lights and Signals for operation

Check condition of Seat Belts & mounts

Check condition and security of Steering Box, joints and gaiters

Check Steering Box, report.

Check Front Wheel Alignment (additional time if rusted and unable to adjust tow-out)

Check for off-road damage under car & report

Road Test & Report

 WCB Always suggests your Motor Oil/Filter & Air Filter be changed every 3750 mi  for maximum engine life.


It is suggested that all Heating/Cooling hoses (water) be replaced at/beyond 90k miles, in addition radiator should be removed and serviced by a radiator specialist.





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