Post War Memories

Above: Dickie Green is the riding mechanic on the 1908 Hutton.  

VSCC Charter House Hill Climb 1949, with Anthony Heal driving (while working for Marcus Chambers).

Above: Dickie left Marcus and joined WADE Engineering, who made superchargers,  here are two he worked on.

Here's a great link for history of this car;


Above: Another two cars Dickie fitted WADE blowers to, Walkers ERA & Poore's Alfa. This Alfa was first done prior to and competed in  the 1950 Grand Prix (this was the first race in what we now know as the F1 World Championship). When Peter Giddings bought the car the WADE blowers were still on it. Dickie drove not far from home to go see it. Mr Greenfield owns the Poore car these days. The one pictured is a sister car that Michael has since helped out with at some historic races here in California.

Above: Oct 2012 at Sears Point is Peter Giddings warming up the very same Alfa Romeo. We towed it with Michael's Land Rover.


Above/Below: Noel Pope Brough-Superior fitted with WADE Blower for an attempt on Worlds Land Speed Record.

Above:  WADE prototype Blower of '48, which Dickie was involved with, is in the Science Museum in South Kensington.


Above: Two Aston Martin DB2's # VMF65 and VMF63 at Silverstone... 1949.

New... Aston Martin Models. click on car

DB2   VMF64