Above: LeMans 1952, Sunday; Dickie Green refuels the DB3 while John King changes the front tyres.

Here Peter Collins takes over DB3/5, then in 4th place, to later retire with diff failure.


Above: Dickie Green hitches a ride in the DB3 with Les Wilson and the Winning Car...  

Goodwood 9-hour 1952; The drivers were Peter Collins and Pat Griffith.

Above: Monza Test in snow! December 1952.

Jack Sopp works on Weber's while Fred Lown and Dickie Green (LH leaning on car) looking on.

The air box caught fire due to a backfire.  Note prototype Lagonda in background. George Abecassis tested in the snow in this DB3.

In 1953, April if I remember right, Dickie was featured in MotorSport magazine!

Above: From Geoff Duke to Dickie Green in 1953. The pair became good pals!

Above: April 1953; Mille Miglia Practice, Peter Collins & Dickie Green in DB3.

Photo displayed w/permission of  April 2010 (see address below to obtain a copy)


Above: April 1953; Mille Miglia pit stop at L'Aquilia; by Louis Kelemantaski -who gave this pic to Dickie!

Refueling car # 611, which meant they left the start at 6:11 am...

with Fred Lown (Richard is near the back, at left of the car looking forward).

This is the Reg Parnell/Klememtaski DB3/3, which finished 5th, the highest British car ever!


You too can own DB3/3                  LeMans DB3S/1


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