MG Memories

Above: 1955 Season, Dickie Green (second from left)  joined  BMC/MG.

Dickie was involved with the private owners preparation & support. He also had lots to do with the prototype EX182 1.5-Litre cars.

Prior to  Le Mans 1955, he did many miles on the the team cars, even dating Doreen Sherwood in them. 

Here they are ready to depart for LeMans with the new .

Great EX182 Story with Dickie Green & Marcus Chambers:

Above: 1955 LeMans MG line-up with the 1.5L (82.5 bhp), alloy body cars.

1955 Driver line up:  Ken Miles - Johnny Lockett, Dick Jacobs - Joe Flynn & Ted Lund - Hans Waeffler.

Lockett/Miles finished 12th overall and 5th in 1.5L class, while Lund/Waeffler car was 17th and 6th in class.

Left: LeMans 1955 from the MG pit counter; Dickie at left, before the start of the race. Many will recall what happen that year... you can see the grand stands in the background.

Above: Dick Jacobs barely escapes with his life.

Above: LeMans 1955; the remains of the Dick Jacobs' MG...   Dickie Green is 4th from left w/hand on car.

The accident occurred  at the White House; Dick Jabobs was badly injured and sadly never raced again.

Above: Car 64 pits for some damage control... 1955, Dickie with his back to camera.

Left:  LeMans, France 1955.

A memory from Dickie, as told to Michael...

In January '56 BMC entered & supported numerous cars in the famed Monte Carlo Rally. Dickie Green and Dougie Watts flew to Lisbon to see off a number of cars, amongst these were Austin A40s (which could be fitted with twin rear wheels), two Austin A35,  MG Magnet's (steel bodied), and Riley Pathfinder's. Once the cars had departed, Dickie & Dougie were to fly to Paris, but Paris was fogged in, thus they flew to London. While searching for a cabbie they found Harry Sherwood (Doreen's father) waiting for a fair. Harry took them home for dinner, then onto Victoria Station where they caught the train for Paris. Upon their arrival they found the MG Magnet waiting for them, the rest of the team having already departed for Reims, where the cars would come through. Marcus Chambers (and Mrs.), along with Doreen Sherwood were already at Reims getting things ready. With a Police escort, and speeding over the snow and ice covered French roads,  Dickie & Dougie arrived only moments before the first cars arrived! Then it was on to Monte Carlo and the finish. Dickie left MG's  in January 1956 after the Monte Carlo Rally to emigrate to the USA... Ken Miles was Dickies "sponsor" into America.

Of interest, an EX182 found!:


Above: 1955 LeMans, Dickie Green (left) and Jimmy Cox. Dickie was in charge of customer racing support.