California Memories

Left: 1994 Monterey Historics; Richard Green stands next to Tony Parravanos 4.4L Ferrari...

Richard left for America after the Monte Carlo Rally, arriving on  February 5, 1956. He was to be a mechanic of a newly formed racing team in sunny California,  where buddy Ken Miles was to be the driver. Upon landing at Los Angeles airport Ken was there to greet him (Ken was his sponsor), and by the time they cleared the terminal Ken had given Richard to bad news, the new team was not to be! So here's our Richard in California with a whole $27.00 in his pocket, no job, and Ken left him at a motel. The next day Ken suggested Richard go see this Tony Parravano down the street. The interview wasn't going well, so I was told by dad... then the phone rang, Tony stayed on for some time, mentioned Dickie a few times. Afterwards Tony said, "You have the job!" Dickie asked who had been on the phone, Tony's reply; "That Shelby!" This 4.4L Ferrari didn't run, the only way it would start was at 50+MPH behind the pick-up truck. Isky had ground special cams for it, so Dickie went and spoke to Isky and find what the timing was on these new cams. Two days later it ran!  In less than three weeks Richard would be the shop foreman (aka Crew Chief). Later, in order for Doreen to emigrate to America, she too would need a sponsor, hers would be none other than Tony Parravano!

In 2006 Richard & Doreen celebrated  their 50th Anniversary in America!

It was great to see the Ferrari once again. This photo was taken at Laguna Seca during the Historic Races.  

Has anyone seen Tony Parravano?