Above: LeMans; Aston teams cars being readied at the Hotel De France. Year??

Note David Brown's personal car at the back of the photo. As the norm at LeMans, the French changed the rules, thus fender flares were required to get the cars through tech. While the boys at Feltham fabricated and painted, Dickie jumped in DB's car and headed for the ferry at Calais. On the way he hit a horse draw cart and smashed the Aston. Using a rope and a wheel hammer he was soon on his way. He just made the ferry as it was backing away... but had no ticket!


Above: LeMans 1955, #19 is the great Fangio in the 300SLR.

Note Peter Collins' DB3S (63 EMU) is first away! Peter would finished 2nd to Hawthorns D-Jag.

Above: From Goodwood 1955 during the 9-Hour Sports Car Race, Winning car.

Pictured left to right:
Standing on back of van - Brian Clayton      Standing left - Bill James
Standing right - John King                 Standing by car - Roy Salvadori
Driver -  Roy Parnell