Above/Below: DB3S/1 with WADE Supercharger fitted by Dickie Green, 1954 LeMans.

Jack Sopp (in white) & Roy Parnell working with Dickie.

Jack Sopp and Dickie Green (LH side of car) along with Roy Parnell at Hotel De France, Le Mans '54.

Above: LeMans 1954, Tech Inspection - Post# 13;  DB3S/3 (?)

Dickie Green (2nd from left) and Bill James attend to DB3S/3 that Carroll Shelby  & Paul Fere would drive.

Trivia Question: In 1954 while in England, when not racing, what car did Carroll Shelby drive around?

Above: LeMans 1954,   Carroll Shelby drills the sand bank in the DB3S. not once but twice.

Later LH/Rear stub axle failed due to this. and would have to dig it out. Note the skid marks. This is at Mulsanne.

May 11th, 2012; Carroll passed away after a lengthy illness at 89 years. God Speed Carroll!

June 2012; Some silly magazine, claiming to be the "Authority" (LOL!) said the above Aston was a "DBR3"...

(as Bugs Bunny use to say, "What a Maroon!" )


Above: Dickie is hard at work overhauling a rear axle.