Above: LeMans 1954, Tech Inspection - Post# 13 with one of the DB3S Coupes'... this is #6

Drivers, Peter Collins and Prince Bera stand at left...

shaking hands with John King. Fred Schattuck is leaning on car, with Brian Clayton at rear (with sunglasses on).

Above: 1954 LeMans line-up. Note the V12 Lagonda 2nd from the left.

If memory serves, the V12 crashed in the esses early in the race, Eric Thompson driving.

John King stands behind #22, Roy Parnell alongside... and we Dickie Green next to V12 car.

Above: The same DB3S/6 Coupe after rolling near it's sister car below.

Prince Bera (of Siam) was driving when accident took place, unhurt. 

Above: The other DB3S/7 Coupe met the same fate as its sister car. (1954) Aero dynamics, or lack of, no doubt played a part in the wreck. 

Graham Whitehead & Jimmy Stewart (Jackie's brother) were the drivers, Jimmy crashed near Mulsane, being thrown clear!

When Dickie went to collect the car the next day, someone had stolen all the Weber's during the night!