ASTON MARTIN Memories     Has many of our photos and writings as well on the Coupe'

Left: DB3S/113 at Laguna Seca 1976.

Earl Kelton, one time owner of 113, passed away in April 2006.  A great enthusiast, he'll be missed by all

Above: George & Len arrive from New Mexico in DB3S/117...

talking with Doreen Green in Dublin, CA where they stopped for breakfast.

Above: Cototi Raceway early 1970s; Richard Green & Len both took out DB3S/117 for a few hot laps.

Below: DB3S/117 as driven to a class win at LeMans.


Above: from Sears Point, Turn-10; CSRG, Date-??  Possibly (?) Steve Earl leading in Ferrari, George Newell in DB3S/117, followed by Dave Love in Testa Rosa Ferrari.         Photo from George Newell collection.


Above: Len's 1938 2-Litre Aston - April 2010