JAGUAR Memories


For 1976, the Monterey Historic Car Races would celebrate Jaguar. British Leyland brought numerous cars, including Martin Morris' D-Jag (OKV3), an original Team Car. Also there that day were numerous C & D-types, as well as the Group-44 & Huffaker Jaguar V12 E-Type race cars, which put on a mock battle...  Bob lost with a flat tyre in the Group-44 car.  The Group-44 is now in the UK on display.

Above: And the Winner is... Martin Morris in OKV3 Jaguar D-Type.

While Dickie kept an eye on the Aston's, Michael was working with Martin on this D-Type. Laguna Seca 1976.

Above: Richard Green (then with BL) talks with Tony Rolt in OKV3 D-Jag at Laguna Seca 1976.

BL brought Tony Rolt, a former LeMans winner in a Jaguar, over to do some demo laps in the ex-works car... complete with his 50's era helmet.

Above: Tony Rolt and Michael Green (in flatcap) just return from some high speed laps around Laguna Seca in OKV3 (1976).

135 MPH coming into turn-2 was a blast! Even more so with Phil Hill in Cunninghams D behind us!

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