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The "Golden Rod II" project would began in 1983. Michael Green, tired of the performance of his Series III, and since he couldn't find the original "Golden Rod"... and totally fed-up waiting for Land Rover to produce a SWB V8, he and Richard set out to build another one. Unlike the original, which was built on a new 1966 88" Station Wagon taken from the San Francisco docks, "GRII" would be built from a 1971 IIA 88" Deluxe Hardtop that West Coast British had just taken in on trade. The vehicle was in very poor condition and in need of restoration, thus the project commenced.

Unlike the original, which used a GM engine, this car would be fitted with a new (in the crate) Triumph TR8 version of the Rover V8 (above-left). Before fitting it however, there was a lot to do. The whole vehicle was in need of restoration, hence stripped to nothing. During the build up many up-dates and modifications were carried out. The chassis was set-up to take an additional fuel tank, then painted with black plastic paint. New road springs and shocks would hold the now rebuilt axles. Unlike "GR", which had 3.59:1 axle ratios, we chose to leave the 4.7:1 final drive ratio in place, and instead fitted a Toro overdrive unit. Up front 11" NADA-6 brakes would replace the standard 10" units (10" remained in the rear), and 15"x 8" Jackman 8-spokes wheels replaced the Rover ones. Before the engine and gearbox could be mated via an adapter plate, it was found that the TR8 used a 9.5" Rover clutch. The gearbox input shaft would need modifying to suit the TR8 flywheel before being slung into position. Once all the mounts had been modified and made, the firewall was set in place, this too would require modification. After welding was completed, it was bead-blasted, painted, then fitted to the chassis (Above-Right).

As with "Golden Rod", GRII would also receive a custom dash. Instead of the square seats though, wrap around racing seats were fitted (below), and a special switch/fuse box and overdrive lever would replace the center seat.

The bodywork would be nextů This would mean stripping all the old white paint off, this was done with a bead-blaster, then each part was painted to a perfect finish on every side! With the grill panel now in place, a custom radiator could be measured out and built to cool the Rover V8. A mechanical fan was used.

Left: "GRII" on it first day out of the shop. Its first event would be the All British Car Meet at Palo Alto just a week later (1985).