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1964 Hi-Floatation for Shell Oil


Jim Joss in Canada


Jet-1 1950



80" at Quail Lodge.



Boating Nevada style!


It's Not a Christmas Party 2005.

Our Fire Crew 2006!






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Defender Project Announced for 2010...  click here


Free Vehicle Inspection

As always, whether you are buying a used Land Rover vehicle or just not sure about the car you have, WCB will inspect it while you wait!  Just make sure you have it inspected before you buy… It’s Free!   Written reports or compression tests will be charged an hourly rate. 

Service School for you and your Rover

You too can be a Land Rover mechanic! We offer professional One-on-One classes. These classes can pay for themselves in no time. Whether you’re a Do-it-yourselfer or out off-roading far from home, our classes will only benefit you!  These classes are by appointment only and normally held on a Saturday. 

Service Class is for those of you that want to learn more about your car. During this class you’ll work hands-on your Rover, finding out what it takes to maintain and service the vehicle. WCB will supply all materials and tools during the class, plus we’ll supply a list of tools you’ll need to perform the same service at home.  Cost is $1200.00 For Defender, Disco and RR Classic (Disco-II & Late RR note covered). Price does not include lubricants, filters, spark plugs, etc you use. That is cheaper than any dealer will charge for a 90k service! As a bonus, we’ll give you a Service Kit to suit your Rover. Customer can not supply own parts.

Brake & Hub Class. Whether you drive a new Discovery-II or a 1967 Land Rover 109”, think about signing up for our Brake & Hub Class. Here you’ll learn, hands-on, how to work on the following:  Brake Pads or Brake shoes, replace Brake Disc’s (rotors), Service/Overhaul/Replace Hubs correctly. And finally how to torque the wheels correctly.  Again, WCB will supply all materials and tools during the class, plus we’ll supply a list of tools you’ll need to perform the same service at home.  Cost is $750.00  For Defender, Disco and RR Classic (Disco-II & Late RR note covered). Price does not include parts and lubricates used during class on your vehicle. Customer can not supply own parts.  

Tools & Equipment

See Technical on our web site for a list of Tools & Equipment for your Land Rover Defender, Discovery or Range Rover. When traveling or off-roading, having the right tools and equipment on board can make the difference.

Smog Station

SMOG STATION -Test Only- CALL: 925-828-9119

6380 Scarlett Ct, Dublin, CA. (off Dublin Blvd & Dougherty Rd)

Since we opened, the SMOG STATION is the only place we've used. Next time you need a TEST ONLY smog test, call Troy at 828-9119.


Off-Road fun & adventure with The Off-Road Experience

Click above link to see what is new for 2008.


New in 2009 for Off-Road Adventures in Nevada

The Off-Road Experience is pleased to announce that we now have the largest BLM Permitted area in the State of Nevada. In addition to our old area, that begins 30-miles east of Reno and stops in Winnemucca (and goes from I-80 to state line), our new area is from Winnemucca to Wells (again from I-80 north to state line). Thus we encompass the northern portion of the state. Please review our schedule for 2008 play dates.


Winter Driving…  and Playing

Winter is right around the corner and with it comes snow and ice on the roads; the same roads that take you to your favorite ski resort or off-road play area. Don’t get caught out this year, sign up today for a day of Fun & Learning with The Off-Road Experience. Established in late 1990, the “ORE” will show you things you never thought possible with your 4WD… and how not to damage it! ORE also offers a number of excursions, including Ghost Towns, Dinosaurs and Wildlife photography. We also offer GPS Classes, which can be great fun... and don't forget about Nevada Trophy.

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