Chassis # 25902985B
Year: 1973 Deluxe Hardtop (NAS)
Model: 88"

This 1973 88" Deluxe Hardtop was imported by the British Leyland Motor Sales of Brisbane, CA, and it arrived in Benicia, CA in 1973 Cal-Auto.

We acquired this 88" some years ago...  and in 2004, WCB owner Michael Green, gave this 1973 88" Series-III to his son Richard. Since then the two of them have stripped the car to it's bare bones, after which a full restoration is taking place.

under construction


December 2005; WCB overhauled 2.25L engine and gearbox rests in powder-coated black chassis.

Left: LH/Rear fender was so damaged we had no choice but to fit a new section. Wait until it's painted red.


Left: Another view of the 2.25L engine.
Left: Red Baron Red firewall now in place... with pedal towers fitted.
Left: Sept 11, 2006

Accessories & Modifications: 


Left: All British Car Meet, Palo Alto Sept 12, 2006... and arriving at same











Left: Danville d'Elegance 2012. With the others brought by WCB.