Chassis # 34300140A
Year: 1966
Model: 109" NADA Station Wagon

Engine: 2.6L Rover Six-cylinder, HC NADA version #34300140

November 2009-

This 109" Station Wagon, NADA specification, #140, was imported by the Rover Motor Company of North America Ltd, South San Francisco, CA, and it arrived at San Francisco in 1966. The NADA 109s were the first production Land Rovers to have not only a key-starter, but had a single wiper motor and purpose built heater system. In addition, the NADA also had heated windscreens for adverse conditions. Under the bonnet was a 2.6L Rover engine with 10.5:1 CR and Westlake re-designed cylinderhead to increase performance, it was highest horse powered Land Rover for some time, even producing more than the first 109" V8s in Feb 1979. 

This vehicle was found by us in barn in San Jose, CA -see photos- and later sold to its present owner prior to restoration. 

Left: June 2008

1966 NADA 109.

Found in barn, San Jose, CA.

Left: Grubby!
Left: Jan 2010

Left: Old Bolts and Replated Bolts!

Accessories & Modifications: