Twenty FiveYears of NEVADA TROPHY...  by The OffRoadExperience

March 10-13, 2021 will be 25 Years of Adventure! for Entry

 It all started in 1994... I had an idea!  I can't stick any particular date or time to this, but it all started when I was just a little boy, my dad had a new job (Feb 1960) and he'd bring home these wonderful vehicles, LAND-ROVER's!  Over the years I either rode in or drove many wonderful old or new LAND-ROVER's. In 1985 I signed up to be on the USA Team for Camel Trophy (Australia). I was able to secure a spot on the team, but my motorcycle racing sponsor Hap Jones calls up one day to tell me he's sending me to Daytona with two bikes! Didn't have to ask me twice, I'm outa here! CT weren't happy, and though they tried to bend so I could do both events, they dug in their heals when I finally told them I'd "be about 8-Hours behind others coming from USA to Australia..." So I made a choice, the right one I should say, as I won one race, was leading in other when engine went bang! I still think with my Rover knowledge (which got me in to CT without question) the USA would have won!  Muddy water under the bridge... I always figured I could drive a LAND-ROVER any old time on the mud.

  We jump forward to 1994 at Christmas, I was bored, nothing to do, no one wanted to go playing off-road, no  customers... I was dying! Brain began running, next thing I know I'm typing away ideas, event formats, rules, etc.  I first proposed it to long time buddy Bret (who raced with me, for me, worked at WCB at one time and now working as instructor @ ORE.  He liked the idea so early in the new year we took off for Northern Nevada with a couple of buddies, one driving my  old 1973 Range Rover, the other in a 4wd Dodge Diesel PU. We met a gal from the BLM in Gerlach, who wasn't sure what we wanted to do, nor how were were to do it. She told us of roads closed, impassable areas, etc, so we headed there! As time goes on I recruit John Gulliford, Bret's other-half isn't playing ball, NO Off-road racing for him!  John Gulliford, and later Rob Pyro Witaker, Ritch Juilan, and Bill Turpie become the driving force behind our new "poormans Camel Trophy".

Here's some photo's from the last twenty years...  Please respect Copyright/wcb-ore1995-2021