Parkinson's Memories

The Parkinson's Institute Annual Danville d'Elegance... the STIGs comes to Danville!

Cool Cars for a Cause, from September 16th, 2012.

TEAMFOX STIG; Some say... That he once drove a Deloren that became famous in some movie... all we know is, he's called the STIG!

Above: Special Awards given created & given out by WCBR. Left-Above: The Green/Newell award with DB3S/117 for Best Aston Martin in the eyes of the Green Family went to Guy Simpson in his lovely DB5. This award honors long time best friends Richard Green & George Newell, both taken by Parkinsons. Right-Above: Is the Dickie Green Memorial Award with works EX183 MG for Best MG, which went to Mindy Hungerman and her 1971 MGB V8 (Rover V8)... Below-Right is Mindy with camera,  her MGB and the STIG's... and Left-Below is Guy Simpson in his lovely DB5 accepting the Green/Newell Memorial Award from Michael Green


Above: FIAT  STIG and STIGETTE,  isn't she cute?

Below-Left: Dawn on Sunday.... Right:  Jimmy & Shara in the big-block CanAm Lola during Race Car Parade

Below-Left: The STIG drove WCBRs '65 MGB/R in Sundays parade... Below-Right: Honeymoon STIG, enjoying  Danville d'Elegance!

Below: Rubens Barrichello friend (left) is left out, while the STIG pals up with his wife!


Below-Left: KB's lovely 1966 NADA 6-cylinder 109" and Right: Land Rover line-up for 2012





                                          Below: Not even Danville PD could catch the Stig! A BIG Thank You to Danville for a great event!                                            

Below: STIG goes Wine Tasting at Danville...

Below-Left: British Copper patrols the wine tasting area... and Below-Right: STIGs like Aston Martin DB2/4 MkIII

Stigette, STIG and local copper...                                           Aston Martin MkIII STIG


Above: Thanks to Bob Cole for supporting Danville.... STIG                Below: P51 Fly over.....  Can you say HORSEPOWER?




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