Motorcycle Memories

Left: From 1974... Richard Green rides his 1929 Sunbeam 500 around Sears Point during a CSRG event.

For more of the Sunbeam click on link...

Left: Stacy, a member of Richard's tank crew (see tank #2575 in background), in the south of England in 1941, as they wait for the German invasion that never happened. They use to haul this Douglas 350 on the back of the tank! Richard was the driver... 42nd RTR, British Army. Later they would be shipped to Africa as part of the 7th Arm Div., Desert Rats.

Above: Taken in 1946, Richard's 600cc Scott  that he bought from the Regimental Chaplin after his return from POW camp in Germany.

Above: Richard takes a spin on Len's '58 500 Manx Norton in Alameda.