Monterey Reunion 2011, Mazda Raceway-Laguna Seca

Michael Green reports...  page 3


To add to the fun we were already having, we'd committed to helping Peter Giddings and his P3 Alfa early on Saturday morning, which was first up. Peter (my son) & I had to get the P3 fired up. Starting the 1932 P3 Tazio car isn't as easy as just flipping a switch either. When new it had a hand-crank, but normally would be bump-started by the crew once warm. Once running and warmed up it made its way to the pre-grid. Peter & I had to beat-feet to the pit lane with the starter in tow and re-fire the car when the signal was given by race control. The noise of the straight eight is glorious! Once fired up we had to push the Alfa off (so as to save the clutch). As Normal, Peter Giddings, put on a great pre-war show and drove home first!  On Sunday I'd run off to help Jimmy with his McLaren...  though I'd rather had driven it, it was a good fun helping. 

On Saturday afternoon Larry was approached by a helmeted man;

Some Say... That old racing E-types whimper for him at night and that his right foot hampers him when walking as it only knows one thing, Flat out! All we know is he's called the STIG!

               Above: STIG in E-Type at Monterey Reunion                                                  Above: Hazards of duty!

                  Above: More Hazard's                                                                            Above: Derek Bell and STIG

                   Above: Derek Bell and company!                                                            `            Above: Group-44 V12 E-Type and STIG

                  Above: OKV3 STIG                                                                                Above: STIG wins slot-car race by 3-laps!

Above: Larry Oka and his award Sunday evening for his E-Type!

So ends a great weekend of Historic Racing car's... can't wait till next year! Here's a few more pic's.

Above: Peter Green (left, laughing) and Michael also helped get Peter Giddings P3 lit off; and... Above: Jimmy in his McLaren!

Above: E-Type and D-Type at Quail Lodge 2011                                               Above: Fantastic Ferrari

                     Below: Derek Bell & STIG, Right: STIG & Union jack Hottie's! Photo's by Gary.


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