Livermore, CA. USA

Thanks you for stopping by our Competition page(s). WCB is not new to MG's, far from it. Richard Green, Michael's father, was part of the Works MG Team for the 1955/56 season. He was in charge of customer racing support, but was also involved with the development of the 1.5L (EX182) prototype that they raced at LeMans in 1955, and what we now know as the MGA.

Later Richard would be involved with MG via British Leyland, where he was the Service Manager for the Western United States, based in Brisbane, CA.   

When we opened WCB in 1981 our bread & butter was MG & Triumph's.

Above: 1955 Season leaving for LeMans, Dickie Green (second from left)  joined  BMC/MG.


Above: Oct 2014, CSRG Charity Challenge, Sears Point Raceway

WCBR MGB Race Car Project            

Purchased in Sept 2008 by WCBR.

Chassis # 10895
Year: 1965
Model: MGB 

Left: As purchased, looks better that it really is. The people working on this car in the past shouldn't be allowed to own tools, let alone use them! How it past tech I'll never know!  The log books (3) say it's won some races in the South-East.

Left: 1800cc with 2" SUs, Stage-4... NOT!

Someone has been in this engine, or hasn't a clue what "Stage-4" means...


Butchered cockpit. Someone tried to remove the gearbox while leaving engine in place (can't do it); Everything had been cut out and replaced with .020" alum sheet glued and duct-taped in place!

Want to watch some great cars? hear great noises??


Left: March 2010, Restored original dash. We stripped car 100%, replaced both floors, trunk floor... which was about to fall out! The rear bulkhead was full of holes. Most of the firewall had to be fabricated and welded in. Then we repaired, modify and weld in all the roll-cage.

Blue is Powder Coat by MAAS Bros. Livermore.


New BL Glass replaces the old & tired kit... and we didn't bondo them on like they did! Yikes!



Engine fitting for final time; Nearly 2L and twin 2" SU's... should go well.








New Fuel Cell was strapped in, we reinforced the trunk floor with 1x1" tube to support the tank.