California Memories

Above: Los Angeles Times Grand Prix 1959

L-R: Bob Hammel, John King, Stirling Moss and Dickie Green. Stirling drove the Aston Martin DBR2.

Note: When Michael visited John King in 1984, John gave him a brand new set of AM racing coveralls!! Yes, we still have them.

Above: August 1959, Manhattan Beach, CA; shows Dickie Green in the passenger seat, and most likely Bob Hammel driving.

Bugatti is a Type 51A and it came out of Australia.  The wheels were not correct to that model and later were traded for the proper cast alloy wheels. 
Bugatti automobiles are not referred to by year.

The Bugatti belonged to Ian (Al) Crundall who has since sold it, probably to the Schlumpf collection in France.

Above: Los Angeles Times Grand Prix 1958 at Riverside.

Roy Salvadori (driving the DBR1), Eric Hind (in hat) and Dickie Green.

Above: DBR1 at Riverside Raceway 1958. Roy Salvadori Driver.

Up-date 9/2008: Note  DB3S/115 along side... former Joe Lubin car, on this day owned & raced by Bill deCreeft.   

Above: July 1959, Michael Green in AM3/300/1661