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From: Sept 2014 Danville Tour d'Elegance & Danville d'Elegance.          

Where we awarded the Dickie Green/George Newell Memorial Award for Best Aston Martin to Mr Taft.

Join us every September for

Above & Below: WCBR-MG's at CSRG Charity Challenge & MG Racers event Oct 2016

and the winner is.... WCBR-MGB in both the MG Racer race (in the rain!) and Group-2 Sports Car (40 car field)!



Above & Below: My pit crew Andrew, and a friend who raced the GT in Sunday's Group-4B at Monterey 2016


WARNING: Modifications and/or the fitting of accessories to your LAND-ROVER (or any other make 4wd) could void your warranty in-part or in-full. Some of the accessories or modifications listed on this web site are for Off-Road Use ONLY. Performance items are not legal for sale for use in California pollution controlled vehicles. BUYER ASSUMES ALL RESPONSIBILITY for modifications and accessories fitted to their vehicle, and will hold West Coast British harmless. Return Policy: No return or refunds after 30-days. Prior authorization must be obtained prior to shipping return items. Freight must be prepaid, CODs NOT accepted. Restocking fee is 20%.

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