British Leyland Memories


Above: 1965 ROVER-BRM Gas Turbine which would finish 10th at LeMans driven by Graham Hill & Jackie Stewart.

Michael Green rode in this car at Catoti (CA) in Nov 65 w/Peter Candy & Richard Green driving.

It was then displayed at the Motor Show in San Francisco. We have a home 8mm movie of Michael in it on track!

Above: Bob Tullius with the BL Sponsored V12 Jag that would win the B-Production title twice.

Above: 1977 Triumph TR7 works Rally Car. Michael rode in one at Sears Point with JB.

Above: Jaguar XJR5 IMSA GTP car.

Above: Testing the new Rover V8 in Arctic... disguised as a 2000TC.

Above: First production 3500S (P6B) just arrived in Dublin, CA.

Above: Rover 3500S Race car, one of two built.

Michael Green rode in this car from BL office in Brisbane, CA to San Francisco

 - yes on the freeway - to the Imported Car Show in 1970.

Above: 4.4L V8 with 48mm Webers! Car was sold in UK April 2006.

Photos supplied by Rob Soklo.