Livermore, CA. USA

Thanks you for stopping by our Competition page(s). WCB is not new to Aston Martin's, far from it. Richard Green, Michael's father, was part of the David Brown -ASTON MARTIN Team for the 1952 to the end of '54 season (Michael's mum, Doreen, had been John Wyres secretary from 1949-56). He was involved first with Supercharging some of the works race cars and later went on to work on, prepare, and build prototype Aston's.

Richard came to America in Feb 1956, sadly the job that was waiting for him when he arrived was no more, the "new" race team that would see him a chief mechanic and Ken Miles as driver, had been shelved.  The following day he joined Tony Paravanno's team, and within weeks became shop foreman! When Tony ran into tax issues Richard took care of Joe Lubin's cars, and by spring '58 John Wyer sought him out, making Richard the Resident Engineer for David Brown- ASTON MARTIN, based in San Leandro, CA.

It was while at Aston's in San Leandro that Richard met George Newell of Alameda, CA. George wanted to buy a MKIII he'd found in the LA Times paper, this car was a maroon closed coupe' ... in fact it was Ricky Nelsons car, the same one Richard had delivered and Harriet had signed for! This was the beginning of a very long friendship between Richard & George, sadly both are gone now, Parkinson's taking them both. That said, they live on in the many Aston Martin's and Aston engine they restored over the many year.

Above: LeMans Tech 1955, Dickie Green (second from left)  takes DB3S/3 of Shelby & Frere.


WCBR Aston Martin MkIII Drophead Project  2014          

Owner: Mr Taft, Chassis # AM300/3/1752

Above: Engine arrived in boxes... Having been apart since 1984.


Engine for AM300/3/1752 goes back in the chassis in August 2014.

In addition the complete brake system was overhauled and dual masters fitted.



Above: AM300/3/1661 and AM300/3/1752 and the '57 Notchback at the Aston Martin Motorsports Festival 2014, Laguna Seca.

Above: AM300/3/1661... Going Down!... the Corkscrew