AMOC Memories


Above: Rex Hardys  1935 Aston Martin MkII 1-1/2L. (CopyrightTHcollection2015).

Above: Rex Hardy & family at Ft Ross, CA; 1935 Aston Martin MkII. (CopyrightTHcollection2015).

Above: Laguna Seca Raceway 1963 or 4? MkIII Aston of Tony Chase, 1935 Aston Martin Ulster LM20 & 1935 MkII of Rex Hardy. (CopyrightTHcollection2015).

Above & Below:  AMOC North/South meeting 1963/4 era. (CopyrightTHcollection2015).



Above/Below: These two photos were taken in Cambria Pines, CA in 1966...

in the top photo Michael Green stands next to the 212 Ferrari. 

Left: AMOC California event from 1967