Photos from Norm Milne Collection


Above: Riverside Raceway, Los Angeles Times Grand Prix 1958; L-R: Unknown, Roy Salvadori, Dickie Green and Ken Miles.


Above: The Aston Martin DBR1 at Los Angeles Times Grand Prix; 

driver Roy Salvadori, Eric Hind leaning over car, and Dickie Green to right looking at tyres.

June 5, 2012; Le Mans Winner Roy Salvadori Dies Aged 90... He'll be missed.

 Great story:

Above: Los Angeles Times Grand Prix 1958; L-R... Peter Ustinov, David Niven, Wolfgang VonTripps and DB3s/104(?)  


Note: These photo's arrived today (Aug 6, 2010), being taken by Norm Milne in 1958.