Above: DB3S' at Laguna Seca 1979. Left is DB3S/117 and nearest is DB3S/104.
#117 won the 3-litre class at LeMans in 1957, driven by a French team. The car was French Blue at one time in its life.

July 2004: It has recently been sold (UK) at auction and is now French Blue.

April 2005: #104 was seen at the Hillsborough Concourse and is now Green.

Above: DB3S/117 at speed... George Newell racing the 3S at Laguna Seca in 1984.

George purchased this car from Tom Brandys in NM, after which he and Richard Green restored it.

Above: Richard Green, standing... with George Newell in DB3S/117, at Laguna Seca 1984.


Above: Richard Green, standing... and  George Newell having a great giggle about something!  DB3S/117, at Laguna Seca 1975

We're sorry to announce that George A Newell passed away on September 26th, 2007 in Alameda, CA .