Chassis # 24103311A
Year: 1963
Model: 88" Station Wagon 

As you can see, a complete restoration was undertaken in 2005 and 2007, the end result is a dependable and very sharp looking 88" Land Rover, which is now powered by a slightly modified Land Rover 200TDI diesel engine.


Left: Assembly time

Left: Rear...
Left: front on for final fitment.
Left: December 2007, start-up

Accessories & Modifications: 
200TDI Land Rover Diesel (2.5L) with new oil & water cooled Turbo & custom stainless exhaust system to suit.
Fairey overdrive.
Selectro locking hubs.
Twin 12-gallon fuel tanks.
ARB Air Locking diff x2.
4 point roll bar.
Hella Rally 4000 driving lights
TIC Parabolic leaf springs with Santana shocks.
Good-Year MT/R LT245/75R16 tires.




Nevada Trophy 2009 coming up Bolivia.










Nevada Trophy 2011 near Lava Bed









Feb 2012 in Sierra foothills.