November 23, 2010

BOYCOTT History Channel's TOP GEAR

Join us as we boycott the new America TOP GEAR... We want the UK version!

When we heard that BBC wanted to hire Leno for an "America version of TOP GEAR" we pooh-poohed it; "Leno isn't funny enough to host TOP GEAR said one frustrated viewer. Being Leno isn't English his sense of humor isn't warped and silly."    We wrote to both the History channel and TOP GEAR - BBC and told them... "the American show won't last a season with these jokers on."

We "thought" that was the end of it... then we hear that History Channel will air the NEW TOP GEAR, touting how it's seen by xx millions of viewers, yada yada yada... But that's the English show! The America version has never been seen. Then we heard of the guys they hired... Give me a break! Some over weight NASCAR bbq specialist with a silly hairdo and some midget named Tanner, the to round things off some unknown who can't drive a 4wd.

They'd of done better hiring our Michael Green and friends, as their humor is warped, silly, maybe even a bit rude at times... but always ready for a laugh!  But... the best thing about Green (who is a Brit born in America) and friends is They Know Cars! Having grown up in and around the British industry, as in Aston Martin's, Jaguar's and Land Rover's... Raced motorcycles all over North America (won Daytona 10 times!) and races a sportscar. The Green and family know many famous racers of yesterday. Mrs. Green was John Wyer's (Aston Martin Racing, later Gulf Ford and Gulf Por.) secretary from 1949 to 1957, while Richard Green - who passed away in 2008 - was a racing mechanic for Aston... who hung out with Carroll in '53/54 season!  "Had we had a Cobra on I'm sure we could of bugged Carroll to join us."   Said a Green family member. You see where we're going don't you?  The "nobodies" have to go!

We're not looking forward the Hauling Hooch episode... come on guys! What have you been drinking? NASCAR and booze don't cut it!

In true TOP GEAR fashion you'd be telling the viewers everything that is wrong with NASCAR now days... like how they race SPEC CARS instead of "Stock Cars"  Let's see a real Camry out there, or Dale Jr driving a front wheel drive Chevy with a V6, or better yet that nasty looking Dodge Charger 4-door box and it's race winning aerodynamics'!! Not!   lol.

After watching briefly last night, Nov 22, we switched TOP GEAR off in exchange for SpongeBob!  Maybe the US Show should have SpongeBob, Patrick and Mr Crabs... they could use those Sentence Enhancer's they learned too! lol.


supporters said...

JW arrived this afternoon and asked, "Did you watch that new TOP GEAR last night?"  Then went on to say... "As soon as I heard a promo about an obsolete NAM helo and a Viper,  a Dodge trying to be a European sportscar with a truck engine, I switched it off!"   JW's big concern was we'd lose the BBC-UK version of the show.

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Bret says; "We lasted about 5 ( five) minutes and off it went!, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS I SAY !!!!!!!!"

V wrote; "There is only one Real Top Gear!!"

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After this weeks show, yuck yuck yuck. these three should be tossed in the Alabmy swamps!  12/07/2010

The show is just insane, they copy gags from UK show but then can't pull it off. No Brains...  and what's more is History Channel keeps promoting it like it's the UK show... Which it's NOT!  Jan 2011

2/4/2011: Was at the Doctor yesterday, and his comment about the US Version? "They have to pull it, it's terrible!"

The fact that the US version is trying reenact skits from the UK, but using a miserable Oldsmobile just doesn't work. There is no originality, and the three shmucks just aren't funny.

The "Three Morons should be replaced forthwith..."  "I'd suggest Mr Green, Morshead and even Capt Todd! At least they are funny, know what real cars are, and can drive!"

"I'll tell you that TOP GEAR UK is much better than the crappy US version!" says a pretty lady today

Seems the boycott is gaining momentum, as there are numerous people on the web asking for the same! Just google it.

Contact BBC TV with your complaint at;

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