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2006 ADVENTURE WEEKENDS by The Off-Road Experience:

June 3/4; Ghost Town Adventure: Join us in Northern Nevada for a weekend of Ghost Town’s and Mining Camps. The driving and adventure is something the whole family will enjoy. Space is limited (due to hotel size on Saturday night), so book early. $150.00 per car

July 15; Nevada at Night: Starts at 5:00pm From Fernley, NV. Off-road fun in the dark.

July 22/23; NE Excursion: See Midas - Tuscarora - Jarbidge – Elko, Nevada.

August 4-6;  Applegate-Lassen Trail: Join us as we re-trace the famed Applegate-Lassen Trail across western Nevada. Established in 1846 as an alternate route to Oregon (and later California, after the Donner Party ran into trouble), it would later earn the name, the “Death Route” among others. This wagon trail is 100% intact as it was in the 1840s, and is something you won’t see anywhere else in the USA. Join us for this History lesson of the old west. Limited number of vehicles is permitted, so book early. Families are encouraged to come. This will be a camping trip, so bring your gear and food supplies. Camping will be at least ONE night, possible two. Don’t delay. $200.00 per car.  

September 10; All British Car Meet: Join us for the Palo Alto All British Car meet, across from Stanford Shopping Center. And see WCB debut up to 3 Land Rover restoration projects, including the Dalai Lama’s 1966 88” Station Wagon.

September 15-17; Elko/Winnemucca Excursion: Ghost Towns, Mines and Railroad history.

October  TBA; Dinosaur Day:  Join us for this one day trip into the wilds of Nevada to see huge (60-ft) swimming dinosaur fossils… kids will love it! And the driving is fun too! Ghost Towns, mines and picnic lunch (you bring the food) are all waiting for you. $100.00 per car.

November 4/5; Winnemucca Excursion: Ghost Towns, Mines & Railroad history.

December 8-10; Nevada Trophy 1996-2006: Don’t miss out on this 10th running of this great GPS adventure in Northern Nevada. Since 1996 the infamous Nevada Trophy is the most copied event around.

December 15-16; Christmas Party/Off-Road Play days Lovelock, NV. Space limited.

For more information see our web site at www.offroadexperience.com or call 925-606-8301

Private group events are also available.

Off-Road Experience has a valid BLM permit for operation in Nevada.

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