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For Immediate Release                                               Contact: Michael Green      

     NEVADA TROPHY 2012    June 22/23

 Livermore, CA; The Off-Road Experience is pleased to announce Nevada Trophy 2012.

In 1994 the idea was conceived. Nevada Trophy was first run in December 1996 in Fernley, Nevada, the creation of Michael Green and John Gulliford of The Off-Road Experience. The one-of-a-kind event has endured and become an annual challenge.


June 22-23 


NVTR2011 Winning Team  (photo by same)

 NEVADA TROPHY is the GPS Navigational Rally Raid Adventure!

 For 16 years we’ve brought together teams to share THE Adventure of NEVADA TROPHY! Sharing smiles, frowns, victory and defeat!

 With your navigation skills and sense of adventure you’ll be chasing waypoints and the hidden special task(s) across Northern Nevada.  


Thursday PM, June 21; Registration & Tech Inspection.

Friday, June 22; 15-hour day of competition.

Saturday, June 23; 15-hour day of competition.

Sunday AM, June 24; Awards Breakfast.

 Entries are now being accepted. Limited to 30 cars/15 teams. 

Call 925-606-8301 or  wcbr@netzero.com


Whether you’re new to Geocaching or off-road adventures or not, you won’t want to miss out on NVTR2005.   Check out the "ORE" web site at www.offroadexperience.com for information.

If you're new to this, click here, WHAT IS NEVADA TROPHY?

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Call: 925-606-8301        www.offroadexperience.com


Join us for this years NEVADA TROPHY Ten years in the making!