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1964 Hi-Floatation for Shell Oil


Jim Joss in Canada


Jet-1 1950



80" at Quail Lodge.



Boating Nevada style!


It's Not a Christmas Party 2005.

Our Fire Crew 2006!







Left: In conjunction with "La France", a special fire-fighting vehicle was developed, based on a 109" pick-up, for the J.C. Pratt Co. Years prior, The Rover Motor Company had shipped over an 88" fire unit from Solihull, but water couplers, in addition to other specifications, would not let the unit hook-up to American fire equipment. Both front & rear power-take-off’s on the 109" were utilized to operate pumps. Additional cooling was provided by an oil cooler working in conjunction with the fire pumps, thus enabling long periods of pumping.

During this same period there were three other units built, two 109" units and one 88". These vehicles were built in S. San Francisco in conjunction with Western Fire Fighting Equipment. All three Land Rovers were shipped to Hawaii, the 109’s to the Big Island where they were part of the Mauna Kia Beach Hotel until just a few years ago, while the 88" was on Maui doing airport service. A Mr. Peter Ogilvie now owns the remains of one of the 109" units, and has since spotted the 88" on the Big Island as well! Note: I have no pictures of these vehicles, but do have 8mm movies showing them in Hawaii. Also of interest… Prior to shipping the units, my Dad drove a 109"home one evening, and I was treated with a ride, lights and siren and all!

Right: J.D. Hoping of the Rover Motor Company of North America developed "SNOW-ROVER". Installed in the load area was a standard 2.25L engine, which ran the snow blower up front. Note drive shaft over top. Below: From Roger Taylor Collection; Copyright 2009.


Below: In 1960, after Richard had driven an 88" Diesel Pick-up w/canvas from San Francisco to Omaha, NB., to the Farm & Tractor Show…

In September he headed for the Bonneville Salt Flats, where Donald Campbell and his Bluebird would make an attempt on the Worlds Land Speed Record, Richard is 4th from the right.

The Bluebrid was powered by a Bristol-Siddeley "Proteus" jet engine, in order to start the record breaker five special Land Rovers were required. One was an 88" Minimax fire truck, capable of extinguishing jet fuel fires. Two 109s truck cabs carried special equipment in the form of extra HD 24-volt batteries, an 8-kilowatt generator (driven from the pto), and a 100 psi compressor to feed portable high output fans, in addition to numerous instruments for start-up.

Since Bluebird had no on-board starter, one of these vehicles was stationed at each end of the 11-mile course. Another 109" would carry electronic measuring instruments, by which it was possible to record speed and air temperature, both in and out of the jet engine. Campbell would not break the speed record at Bonneville, but would go on to set one Down-Under.

Below: Jim Joss in the "Bush-plane tyre" shod 88"  He'd drive it through and OVER the snow in Alaska one evening!  Photo from Roger Taylor Collection; Copyright 2009.