Our MGB made it's debut at Thunderhill Raceway with the SCCA on July 24/25 weekend. Tech Inspection was impressed with the build of our car! A minor oil leak on the pan and a rubbing LH/Rear tire were our only problems. in "EP" we finished 3rd.


WCBR MGB Race Car Project            

Purchased in Sept 2008 by WCBR.

Chassis # 10895
Year: 1965
Make: MG,  Model: B 

Left: Thunderhill, July 2010

Left: Andrew the Pit Crew

Left: July 2010 debut

Left: July 2010

Left: awaiting the race #1

Left: enroute to 3rd place EP.

Left: Thunderhill Raceway

July 24/25, 2010; Racing in "EP"